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Summary of Methodological Issues in Epidemiology – Mike Hearn

This report on the methodological issues in epidemiology was produced by Mike Hearn, a former senior Google software engineer. I have raised the issues it highlights with the Chairs of the Science and Technology Committee, Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, and the Health and Social Care Committee. I have also raised it with the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care as well as the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Find the report here:

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Media bids on coronavirus law

If broadcasters send bids relating to coronavirus legislation in the following form by SMS, I will send them on to colleagues: *Media bid:* [Channel], [Presenter] at [time] on [subject]. Contact: [name] [number] For example: *Media bid:* Sky News, Adam Boulton at 10:00 on local lockdown in the NE. Contact: Alice 07777 123456 I am not managing the process, only passing on bids. Colleagues may or may not reply directly. Thank you.

MPs should not make a tricky situation worse: they should back the UK Internal Market Bill

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I am sorry that once again we are seeing so much concern and division during a time of pressure in our negotiations with the European Union. Much of what is being said, as so often, is alarmist. There is no question of the UK acting lawlessly. Of course, it is highly undesirable there is the possibility of the UK legislating in a way incompatible with another party’s interpretation of our treaty obligations. We are a rule of law nation: we […]

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Our policy on trees and how you can steer it

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Trees are often raised with me by local people in Wycombe.  The Conservative Party 2019 manifesto committed us to tree planting: We will invest in nature, helping us to reach our Net Zero target with a £640 million new Nature for Climate fund. Building on our support for creating a Great Northumberland Forest, we will reach an additional 75,000 acres of trees a year by the end of the next Parliament, as well as restoring our peatland. The Conservatives website […]

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Burning Linux ISOs on Mac OS X

There is a tedious problem with some Linux disc images on Mac OS X. When you try to mount them using Finder, the error is ” “No Mountable File Systems”. I have not established the detail of why. However, this answer in Apple discussion forums explains how to use Terminal to mount and explore a Linux ISO using hdiutil. Ultimately, I discovered the answer is very simple: Download your preferred Linux ISO. Run “hdiutil burn YOUR_ISO.iso” in a terminal. The result […]


Update from the Prime Minister on our fight against the coronavirus

Good evening, Before I set out our next steps in the fight against the coronavirus, let me update you on the latest data: 3,918,079 tests for coronavirus have now been carried out in the UK, including 119,587 tests carried out yesterday; 269,127 people have tested positive, that’s an increase of 1,887 cases since yesterday; 8,560 people are in hospital with coronavirus, down 11% from 9,607 this time last week. And sadly, of those tested positive for coronavirus, across all settings, […]

Our plan for people’s jobs and incomes

We know people are deeply worried about the Coronavirus – the impact it will have on their jobs, their incomes and their ability to provide for their families. We said we would support the British people – and we meant it. We will do whatever it takes and we will get through this. Our Plan for People’s Jobs and Incomes, will protect people’s jobs; offer more generous support to those who are without jobs; strengthen the safety net for the […]

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Coronavirus update – social care

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The Health Secretary has published an action plan for adult social care in England, setting out how we will minimise the spread of coronavirus in care settings and support the care workforce to address the unprecedented challenges they face. We know that people in care are among the most vulnerable to coronavirus, and we are doing everything we can to keep workers, residents and their families safe. Our new action plan for adult social care will mean better access to […]

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Delivering more personal protective equipment for staff

The Government have announced their new plan to ensure the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) throughout the COVID19 pandemic: Find the full PPE Plan here: Review the technical specifications for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) here: Offer coronavirus (COVID-19) support from your business here: Summary: Delivering more personal protective equipment for staff As we face the Covid-19 pandemic, global demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has never been greater. Several countries have placed export bans on […]

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Special Brief: Working together to defeat coronavirus

The Prime Minister has this morning written to all leaders of opposition parties in Parliament, inviting them to a briefing with himself, the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Scientific Adviser next week. All party leaders have a duty to work together at this moment of national emergency, and so the Prime Minister will listen to the views of other opposition leaders and update them on the measures his Government has taken so far, including rapidly expanding testing and providing […]

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