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Gold Wars, Ferdinand Lips

In Gold Wars, Swiss banker Ferdinand Lips sets out the case that gold and freedom are inseparable. Over 254 pages, he shows how governments fight against gold, a vital restraint on their spending and therefore interventions in the lives of free people. It’s a case which ex-Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan made in his classic essay, Gold and Economic Freedom, available in Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal. He wrote, An almost hysterical antagonism toward the gold standard is one issue which […]

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The Revolution: Ron Paul vs Alan Greenspan

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Ron Paul’s manifesto, The Revolution, is a remarkable read, not least for his account of Alan Greenspan: Few Americans during his tenure knew that Greenspan had once been an outspoken advocate of the gold standard as the only monetary system that a free society should consider. Not long after my return to Congress in the election of 1996, I spoke with Greenspan at a special event that took place just before he was to speak in front of the House […]

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