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Skydive Algarve – day 4

Windy again today, but we managed two jumps in the early evening. Both were a mess, but good fun. At the beach, the kite surfers were out: pictures to follow. Based on the weather forecast, Mark and Jake expect to go to 21,000 feet tomorrow, and perhaps land on the […]

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Skydive Algarve – days 2 and 3: the theme is high winds

We had six good three-way formations yesterday, including a superb “dive to pin”. Mark exited first, Jake a half-second after him, followed by me a moment later. It’s remarkable how much space the first jumper gains as he accelerates away: maybe two or three hundred feet in that half-second. We […]

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Skydive Algarve – day 1

Skydive Algarve, originally uploaded by stevenjbaker. Six great skydives today. Four two-ways with Jake, then two four-ways, once Mark arrived, with one of the resident experts. It’s a beautiful view from up there. Three-way formations tomorrow, finishing, we hope, with a jump from 21,000 feet, with oxygen… 😀

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