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Now and always, zero tolerance for hatred

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In the past ten days, several constituents have reported being increasingly subject to hateful abuse over their race or nationality in London, Oxford and Wycombe. Recently, I attended a conference where UK Christians described acts of persecution they had suffered after converting here at home. Hateful abuse like racism and religious persecution is and always will be intolerable. As this website has set out for years, I believe in equality before the law and freedom, including freedom of religion. Every […]

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Eric Pickles’ letter to Islamic leaders

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Eric Pickle’s letter to mosques may be downloaded from the Government website here. The Prime Minister’s reaction to criticism is on the BBC site here. Given that the problems we face together are so grave, I hope people will read the letter for themselves before forming a view. It is a subject altogether too serious for the usual party political pantomime. I am satisfied that local leaders of all faiths and none are already working exceptionally hard for the long […]

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