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Hannan’s Cromwellian speech on 26 April

On freedom, democracy and self determination. Courtesy of ToryBear: Watch Daniel Hannan Speech in News  |  View More Free Videos Online at He has a wonderful turn of phrase: … the European Constitution, now resurrected by grisly necromancy as the Lisbon Treaty… The Shakespeare he quotes: England, bound in with the […]

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Tory Bear T-shirt: Who is Dan Han?

Evoking “Who is John Galt?” a phrase popularised by the cult novel “Atlas Shrugged”, Tory Bear makes available a new T-shirt: “Who is Dan Han?”: Tory Bear – right-wing political gossip: Who is Dan Han?.   Get yours here.

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“The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain”

After first reporting on the book here, I have finally returned to read it in detail; it is Cromwellian: ‘I find the country bleeding, nay, almost dying,’ Oliver Cromwell told MPs in 1644. what made him angry was not simply that people were suffering, but that Parliament was part of […]

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