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BBC News – Make foreign currencies legal in UK – Douglas Carswell

Via BBC News – Make foreign currencies legal in UK – Douglas Carswell: A Conservative MP is to call for a basket of foreign currencies to be made legal tender in the UK. Such a move would protect savers by allowing them to hold the currency least likely to be devalued, Douglas Carswell will argue in the Commons. And it would allow consumers to shop around for the best currency deal – perhaps via a smart phone application – when […]

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In other news, Direct Democracy

Yesterday, over lunch at the IEA, Douglas Carswell finally convinced me to support fully his Direct Democracy campaign. Taken as a whole, I believe his proposals would put power back in the hands of the people in a way that can today be scarcely imagined. For a flavour, watch this: Douglas’ reforms are good news. More here.

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CentreRight: Douglas Carswell leads the way on bank reform

On CentreRight, I explain that Douglas Carswell leads the way on bank reform: There is a doctrine which creates wealth and spreads it around. It is just and moral. It works. It is called capitalism and, today, in practice, there is very obviously something wrong with it. If one were to summarise the doctrine of capitalism in one word, it would be “property”. It is property which enables human social cooperation through production, exchange and consumption. The voluntary exchange of property […]

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“The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain”

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After first reporting on the book here, I have finally returned to read it in detail; it is Cromwellian: ‘I find the country bleeding, nay, almost dying,’ Oliver Cromwell told MPs in 1644. what made him angry was not simply that people were suffering, but that Parliament was part of the problem. ‘The People are dissatisfied in every corner of the Nation,’ he raged, ‘all men laying at our doors the non-performance of these things that had been promised’. Today, […]

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