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I won’t support Labour on fuel duty – or duck the issue of spending

Today, we’ll be debating an Opposition Day motion on fuel duty, which I want cut. It’s shocking that 60% of the pump price of petrol is tax. Nevertheless I won’t be supporting Labour. It’s one thing to be supported by Labour on a important constitutional point — Parliament’s control over our EU budget contribution, for example — but it is another to support them on an Opposition Day designed to injure the Government. In any case, fuel is 10p a […]

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Lt Gen Lamb speaks for all of us in the Armed Forces

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Reported by the Army Rumour Service as “the full speech by Lt Gen Sir Graeme Lamb at the announcement of gallantry awards in Colchester”: Welcome to this day, particularly the families and friends. We in uniform know only too well the silent burden that you carry for those of us who serve this country. Tomorrow Operational Awards List 32 is made public. Today is about those from all three Services who have been recognised for their bravery. It is their […]

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