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Car tax

Having just paid £245 car tax for the year, I am reminded of my prior advocacy of the abolition of car tax. Needless to say, it has not encouraged me to buy a slower car: I’ll be running this one for at least another two years, whatever. In the meantime, I can’t help noticing that motoring is still predominantly a process of paying tax…

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For your ease and convenience: car tax

Apparently, the ease and convenience of the online car tax system means that DVLA in 2007 took 25% more online every day than that retail leviathan, Tesco. Apparently: In July 2007, our Electronic Vehicle Licensing (EVL) service was awarded the Orange Best Use of Technology in Business Award (Wales & West Country) at the National Business Awards. and: By August 2007, our Electronic Vehicle Licensing service is estimated to have saved 13,500 tonnes of CO 2 from 48m miles of journeys […]

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DVLA in business

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DVLA stand, originally uploaded by stevenjbaker. Oh yes, and I discovered a public agency selling stuff from a Freudian stand.

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