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Equitable Life Update

Recently, my researcher Tim attended the APPG on Equitable Life. The biggest issue discussed was that of pre-1992 policy holders who have been excluded from the compensation mechanism. The group heard from Honor Blackman, who is set to receive a full 100% compensation, while two other victims of the Equitable Life collapse were told they would receive no remuneration for their losses.  Mrs. Blackman said that they were all prudent and put money aside for a rainy day, but that was where […]

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Equitable Life (Payments) Bill: 14 Sep 2010

I spoke this week in the debate on the Equitable Life (Payments) Bill: I wonder whether Chris Williamson has been listening to the same debate as I have. I hope that his constituents do not read his speech in isolation, because in the debate to which I have been listening Government Back Benchers have made it absolutely crystal clear that they will stand up for the members of Equitable Life. I support this short, technical Bill, but I should like to […]

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Equitable Life update

At 13:00 today, I attended a busy Westminster Hall debate on Equitable Life secured by Nicola Blackwood MP, to which the minister, Mark Hoban MP, responded. Nicola covered the situation incisively. Many of us made an exception to sign the Equitable Life pledge during the campaign and we do expect it to be fulfilled. Many older people are living in poverty as a result of Equitable Life’s failure. Many concerns have been expressed to MPs since the election. We have […]

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