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Slides: Leaving the EU – a personal perspective, prepared for Chiltern Chamber of Commerce

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This morning, I spoke at Chiltern Chamber of Commerce’s Post-Brexit Networking Breakfast, providing a personal perspective on “Leaving the EU, what next?” As promised, the slides are available here: 20160716-EU-WhatNext. Many thanks to Chiltern Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity. A transcript is not available.

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Report: The EU’s impact on UK micro-business

The Fresh Start Project has recently produced a paper on the EU and the UK’s micro-business: Constraining What should be Nurtured. Written by my colleagues Anne Marie Morris and Andrea Leadsom, the report argues that national governments must retain the right to implement their own definitions of what constitutes a micro business. Their preferred approach would see micro businesses in the UK defined as those employing fewer than five people with a turnover of less than £250,000. They recommend three […]

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The UK remains a European Defence Agency member

The Government has decided to remain a member of the European Defence Agency (EDA). The EDA is part of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). It is yet another area of mission creep by the European Union towards a unified foreign affairs policy. Ultimately, it would rival and undermine the strength of NATO. As the third largest contributor to the EDA after Germany and France in 2012, the British Government should consider the Agency’s objectives and whether it is […]

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