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It’s time for reform of our extradition arrangements

Yesterday, I attended and intervened in the debate on reform of our extradition arrangements. The motion was as follows: That this House calls upon the Government to reform the UK’s extradition arrangements to strengthen the protection of British citizens by introducing as a matter of urgency a Bill to enact the safeguards recommended by the Joint Committee on Human Rights in its Fifteenth Report, HC 767, and by pursuing such amendments to the UK-US Extradition Treaty 2003 and the EU […]

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Extradition without justice | Anita Coles | guardian.co.uk

Via Extradition without justice | Anita Coles | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk : Liberty believes, as did the UK parliament for many years, that no one should be extradited unless and until the requesting country makes out a basic case against them in a UK court. Failure on this front can result in an innocent person being sent halfway across the world – away from family, supporters and legal advisers – to face unsound, trumped-up or politically motivated charges, […]

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