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PM statement on Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust

Yesterday, the Prime Minister made a statement on the inquiry into the appalling events at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust. The Inquiry — whose report may be found here — must be made to have profound consequences for the NHS, all who work in it and all of us who require it to care for ourselves and our loved ones. I reproduce the statement in full below. Today, Robert Francis has published the report of the public inquiry into the […]

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My reflections on our visit to Durand Academy

N.B. The author is Tim Hewish – my Parliamentary Researcher. We have just returned this afternoon having visited the Durand Academy in South London. Researchers spend much of their time reading and studying policy, some policies better than others, but we often do not get to see the practical implementations.Therefore, it was a privilege to see firsthand how the Academy system is flourishing under the stewardship of Director, Greg Martin. I was struck initially by the neighbourhood. Let’s not try […]

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One-off fuel payment is ruled out

More floundering around from Gordon Brown. I refer readers to Hayek. Hayek argued that the failure of central planning – of course we are not in a planned economy, but Brown is the great helmsman remember – would be perceived by the public as an absence of sufficient power by the state to implement an otherwise good idea. That perception would lead the public to pass more power to the state, and would assist the rise to power of someone […]

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