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“We are a whole generation clearly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, direly dependent on the State”

NB: The author is Tim Hewish, who I am glad to welcome as a local contributor. — Steve One of my local Wycombe friends asked me: Why, as a young person, should I vote Conservative? I initially came out with the usual blurb about the positives of Conservatism, but she stopped me mid-way and she repeated ‘no, as a young person’. This made me think about the question further and I was fortunate enough to find two articles that stated […]

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FT.com / World – No more red tape, pleads business

But it is not just business which is suffering from Government intervention: Gordon Brown on Tuesday set out a raft of measures designed to stop British society fracturing during the recession, ranging from curbs on immigration and a crackdown on benefit cheats to restrictions on betting and cheap alcohol, writes George Parker. The prime minister believes an agenda of “fair rules in a fair society” will help reassure people the government is on their side, even as they start to […]

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Lie detector tests to catch benefit cheats

The Guardian reports proposals for an increase in automated summary justice in combination with cries for “fair rules”: Benefit claimants will face lie detector tests and will lose benefits for a month if found guilty of fiddling the system under proposals unveiled by Gordon Brown on the eve of today’s Queen’s speech. The “one strike and you’re out” proposal is contained in a tough summary of the speech released yesterday by the Cabinet Office. And: The Cabinet Office paper tries […]

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