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Gold Wars, Ferdinand Lips

In Gold Wars, Swiss banker Ferdinand Lips sets out the case that gold and freedom are inseparable. Over 254 pages, he shows how governments fight against gold, a vital restraint on their spending and therefore interventions in the lives of free people. It’s a case which ex-Federal Reserve Chairman Alan […]

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The Fed is making three kinds of bad loans. First, the Fed is lending to banks that are in bad shape and need the funds badly. They are simply bad risks. If the Fed were a profit-maximizing banker, it would not make such loans, throwing good money after bad. The […]

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Continuing a study of money

In continuing my sometimes-reported study of money, I have been reading Milton Friedman’s “Capitalism and Freedom”. After dismissing a thoroughly automatic commodity standard, chiefly on the grounds of practicality, Friedman moves on. Reviewing the establishment and effects of the Federal Reserve System, he writes: No sooner was the [Federal Reserve] […]

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