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Norwich North, the Greens and the credit crisis

Today while telling in Norwich North, I was joined by a charming lady from the Green Party. In conversation, she indicated the Green view that the present crisis was caused by the liberalisation of banking and the operation of the free market. I explained the ways in which I disagreed. […]

Read More – Nomura has Lehman’s old crown in sight

Via / Companies / Financial Services – Nomura has Lehman’s old crown in sight: Ten months ago when Lehman Brothers collapsed, it would have been a stretch to suggest that the former investment bank might reclaim its crown as the biggest broker on the London Stock Exchange. But on Monday […]

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British banks highly vulnerable to future shocks, Bank of England warns – Telegraph

Via British banks highly vulnerable to future shocks, Bank of England warns – Telegraph: Britain’s banks remain over-indebted, highly vulnerable and harbour growing funding gaps which leave them susceptible to future shocks, the Bank of England has said. … In a sign of the strain facing nations’ public finances – including […]

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George Osborne: A New British Economic Model

A good speech from George Osborne: We should not be satisfied with turning back the clock to how things were before the crisis, or we risk simply pumping the bubble back up. That would mean failing to understand a crucial insight that has become increasingly clear – that the model […]

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UK ‘needs emergency Budget’ – Telegraph

The Policy Exchange has advised the next government that it must be prepared to make radical and immediate cuts to spending plans or face a serious risk of a full-scale sovereign debt crisis. In a new paper, it has also shown that only a third of the impending surge in […]

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Yet more new money

Present economic circumstances seem perilously close to those described by scholars of the monetary theory of the trade cycle: The Bank of England has pledged to pump another £50bn into the economy as it steps up efforts to haul the UK from its worst recession in at least two decades. […]

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