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Put patients in charge of the NHS

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Shortly before the 1911 National Insurance Act – the Act which practically destroyed the friendly societies and inaugurated the welfare state – the magazine of the Oddfellows carried this: Working men are awakening to the fact that this is a subtle attempt to take from the class to which they belong the administration of the great voluntary organisations which they have built up for themselves, and to hand over the future control to the paid servants of the governing class … […]

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Cui bono? How much your labour costs and who receives the benefit

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Brought forward from August last year. People on ordinary incomes still pay too much Each employee’s labour costs their employer a certain amount: their salary plus employers’ National Insurance Contributions (neglecting other benefits). How much does the employee actually receive to spend as they see fit? As a guide, we looked at the figures for a single man employed full-time, making median gross annual earnings. He saves nothing and spends the average percentage of his earnings on goods and services rated […]

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Local NHS leaders must heed the call to keep Wycombe’s Emergency Medical Centre open 24 hours a day

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Today, I am calling on local NHS leaders to heed the clear call from the public in Wycombe to provide 24-hour emergency cover at Wycombe Hospital. Councillor Tony Green’s petition to Bucks County Council has now passed the threshold to initiate a debate on the Emergency Medical Centre at Wycombe Hospital. The number of signatures has exceeded 5950. The petition calls on the Council’s Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee to inform the PCT that 24 hour, 7 days-a-week Emergency Medical Centre […]

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