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The choice at the next election in 80 seconds

Via sharethefacts.conservatives.com, “the choice at the next election in 80 seconds”: The election in May is the most important in a generation, and the choice couldn’t be clearer. It’s between the competence of the Conservatives, with a long-term economic plan that is securing a better future for Britain – or the chaos of a weak Labour leader propped up by who-knows-what minor party. You can join Wycombe Conservatives or donate here.

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The Tory Diary: Now it’s Osborne’s turn to say “no” to Europe

George Osborne yesterday told Eurozone leaders that Britain would not contribute to a special bailout facility that they are establishing at the IMF, specifically to bolster the single currency. The Eurozone nations had been hoping to build a €200bn warchest but Britain’s refusal to participate means it has fallen well short. via Now it’s Osborne’s turn to say “no” to Europe The Tory Diary. My recent IMF speech is here.

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George Osborne: A New British Economic Model

A good speech from George Osborne: We should not be satisfied with turning back the clock to how things were before the crisis, or we risk simply pumping the bubble back up. That would mean failing to understand a crucial insight that has become increasingly clear – that the model of economic growth pursued over the last ten years is fundamentally broken. We can no longer rely on cheap borrowing from China and the rest of Asia to fund our […]

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George Osborne: A different vision for our economy

George Osborne has stressed that Britain needs to move from an economy built on debt to one “powered by savings and real returns on effort”. … “With reform we can not only live within our means, we can start to tackle Britain’s long standing social problems of welfare dependency, educational under-achievement, crime and persistent poverty. And we can begin to bring the national debt under control.” via The Conservative Party | News | News | A different vision for our […]

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George Osborne: The bill for a decade of irresponsibility

From conservatives.com: George Osborne said the Pre-Budget Report represents “the greatest failure of public policy for a generation” after Alistair Darling announced plans to double the national debt to more than £1 trillion. George, the Shadow Chancellor, described the report as a “Tax Bombshell Budget” and stressed that a debt of £1 trillion was “the bill for Labour’s decade of irresponsibility”. “It is confirmation of the time-old truth that, in the end, all Labour chancellors run out of money and […]

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George Osborne’s brilliant speech

George Osborne’s message today was realistic and hopeful, full of promise, not just on the economy, but as a philosophy to renew Britain: Before us lies a tough task. Before us lie difficult decisions. We have shown the courage to face up to those in government before and we will show the same courage again. But I want to tell you something else. I want to tell you what makes our Party great. In this Conservative Party, we are optimists […]

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An unfair Britain: Labour is failing on fairness

Under Labour, 900,000 more people are in deep poverty compared to 1997 and the gap in life expectancy is now the highest since the Victorian age. A person on £100 a week takes home just 6p for every additional pound earned. Government borrowing will burden generations. read more | digg story | read report

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