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How to transform a nation in ten steps

Brought forward. I was challenged last night to advocate flat taxes. Here’s one of my previous posts which does so. Another is here (you will have to forgive the oversize graphs). The Georgian recipe for “an amazing transformation”: Low and flat taxes Legislative commitment to reducing the government’s fiscal footprint (IE spend less!) Deregulation and cutting red tape And thereby suppressing corruption Unilateral free trade: no import tariffs or barriers of any kind Very flexible labour legislation No sector or […]

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Telegraph: “Russian Foreign Minister’s ‘F-word’ Tirade at Miliband”

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The unhappy state of diplomacy in the hands of New Labour: David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, was subjected to a tirade of four-letter abuse when he spoke to his Russian counterpart over the country’s invasion of Georgia. One unconfirmed report suggested that Mr Lavrov said: “Who are you to f—— lecture me?” read more | digg story

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