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Our great country will thrive in the world outside the EU

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Our great country will thrive in the world beyond the EU. We have: The 5th largest economy in the world. The 4th most powerful military in the world. A permanent seat on the EU security council. The largest financial centre in the world. Some of the finest universities in the world. A globally-used language, democratic system and common law. Strong relationships across the globe. Don’t listen to those who talk Great Britain down. Let’s leave and put the UK on a brighter path of prosperity through self-government […]

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Briefly at least, the Great British people joyfully shrugged off the burdens of a pessimistic and despairing elite

Zadok the Priest, I Vow to Thee My Country and Land of Hope and Glory played together on the BBC? A public and press rounding on the Beeb for their lamentable coverage of the Diamond Jubilee? A joy. Occasionally, someone – too often someone frothing at the mouth – will speak or write of New Labour’s attempt to eradicate traditional British institutions in the name of progress. There’s sometimes talk of “cultural Marxism”, which most of us know as “political correctness”, and […]

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