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Philip Lawrence’s widow urges reform of human rights laws after killer Learco Chindamo recalled to prison – Telegraph

David Cameron is under pressure to deliver on a promise to reform the Human Rights Act following the disclosure that the foreign-born murderer of Philip Lawrence has been arrested on suspicion of another violent attack. via Philip Lawrence’s widow urges reform of human rights laws after killer Learco Chindamo recalled to prison – Telegraph. I will be joining colleagues in calling for reform of the Human Rights Act to deliver a classical English Bill of Rights.  I have great respect […]

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Liberty: The fight that is never done

Yesterday, I heard someone support control orders. This video from Liberty seems an apposite response: And on 10 Jun 2009, via Liberty responds to control order judgment. Today the House of Lords ruled unanimously that the government has violated Article 6 of the Human Rights Act which protects the right to fair trial as ‘controlees’ don’t even receive the gist of the allegations against them. Liberty believes that this is another body blow to the unfair and unsafe control order […]

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Britain condoned torture, UN finds

Britain has been condemned in a highly critical United Nations report for breaching basic human rights and “trying to conceal illegal acts” in the fight against terrorism. The report is sharply critical of British co-operation in the transfer of detainees to places where they are likely to be tortured as part of the US rendition programme. The report accuses British intelligence officers of interviewing detainees held incommunicado in Pakistan in “so-called safe houses where they were being tortured”. via Britain […]

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ConservativeHome’s Platform: Dominic Raab: Exposing this Government’s assault on our historic liberties

As Britain braces itself for recession, it faces another – surreptitious, but no less serious – crisis of confidence. Our liberal democracy is based on individual freedom, the rule of law and parliamentary democracy. Yet, since 1997, the government has wrought a seismic shift in the relationship between the citizen and the state – attacking our most basic rights of protection against the state, whilst shoe-horning swathes of new claims on the state into the ever-elastic language of human rights. […]

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Brown adviser: Labour’s rights record dismal

Lord Lester, a Liberal Democrat and distinguished human rights lawyer, quit as the prime minister’s adviser on constitutional reform a month ago. In a scathing attack yesterday, he revealed for the first time how he felt tethered by the government, describing its record on human rights as “dismal and deeply disappointing”. Which makes this thread of reporting rather more interesting. read more | digg story

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MI5 criticised for role in case of torture, rendition and secrecy

MI5 participated in the unlawful interrogation of a British resident now held in Guantánamo Bay, the high court found yesterday in a judgment raising serious questions about the conduct of Britain’s security and intelligence agencies. read more | digg story

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