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The capacity of the Royal Air Force

Much of Friday’s debate took for granted the Royal Air Force’s capacity to deliver substantial air power. We are to understand the operation in Iraq could last for years. In 1991, at the time of our first Gulf War, the RAF had exactly 30 front-line fast jet squadrons. Today, we […]

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On declining to support action in Iraq

ISIL is a brutal tyranny founded on a narrow and perverted interpretation of Islam together with unyielding violent religious intolerance. Muslims in Wycombe have with one voice condemned ISIL. Resisting ISIL with lethal force is a just and essential cause. We have been asked to set aside the mistakes of […]

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Iraq: The war was illegal – The Independent

The Independent reports: Tony Blair will be quizzed over a devastating official memo warning him that war on Iraq would be illegal eight months before he sent troops into Baghdad, it was claimed last night. The Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war will consider a letter from Lord Goldsmith, then Mr […]

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