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The consequences of the impending national bankruptcies » The Cobden Centre

A fascinating perspective from Robert Thorpe at The Cobden Centre – The consequences of the impending national bankruptcies: The governments of Portugal and Ireland are waiting for Greece to default. If that happens then it will likely trigger the bankruptcy of several European banks*. This is the “Second Lehmann Brothers” the UK press have been discussing that could cause another financial crisis. I think such a crisis is likely to happen, but for political reasons more than economic ones. If one […]

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Loans to Ireland

Over at ConservativeHome’s Platform, I have set out a view on loans to Ireland: Yesterday, the Commons passed the Loans to Ireland Bill using an emergency procedure which saw all stages taken in the House in an afternoon. I supported the allocation of time, on the basis that if it needs doing at all, it is an emergency. I abstained on second reading – for I didn’t have the heart to rebel – and then supported Douglas Carswell’s amendment to […]

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CentreRight: One hundred reasons why Ireland should say ‘no’ (again) to Lisbon

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Via CentreRight: One hundred reasons why Ireland should say ‘no’ (again) to Lisbon: Jim McConalogue, Editor of The European Journal and occasionally of this parish, has listed one hundred reasons why Ireland should again reject Lisbon. It was disclosed at the weekend that Ryanair are helping to bankroll the ‘Yes campaign’ which current opinion polling suggests is on course for victory. Read more here, and if you have not done so, it is well worth watching Daniel Hannan’s speech to […]

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