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CCTV boom ‘failing to cut crime’ – so let’s have a new database

The gist of the argument here is that the State should have control of a widespread, integrated camera system to track “offenders”. Instead, “the CCTV network in the UK has been built up in a piecemeal way, driven by local authorities and the private sector more than by the police.” I’m reminded again of Pratchett’s observation (if I recall it correctly), “the news that the innocent have nothing to fear should strike terror into the hearts of the innocent everywhere.” […]

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Hello 1984 – UK National Staff Dismissal Register to go Live

Workers accused of theft or damage could soon find themselves blacklisted on a register to be shared among employers. Innocent people could find it impossible to get another job if listed on the online database of workers accused of theft and dishonesty – regardless of whether they have been convicted of any crime. Here we find more punishment without due process, an extension of the presumption of guilt and subjugation of the individual to another system open to abuse. Of […]

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