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How government and the economy interact

Here’s another thought-provoking video from Learn Liberty: I have had a fascinating but concerning week, watching the Government commit to a giant state-planned, taxpayer-backed project in the shape of HS2, getting to know some of the surprisingly thoughtful people in the Occupy movement, speaking with Radio 4 Analysis about what is wrong with capitalism and, last night, speaking to Conservatives, LibDems and libertarians at Warwick University about the doctrine of liberty and why it matters so much today. As I […]

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Video from LearnLiberty.org: Equality & Respect: How I’m Equal to Hugh Jackman

More here. See also: Principles for a Free Society, Dr Nigel Ashford

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Via Learn Liberty, the price system + profit and loss

Part I, the price system: Part II, profit and loss: See also, Kirzner, How Markets Work: Disequilibrium, Entrepreneurship and Discovery (PDF), which is a wonderful rebellion against the over-simplification of neo-classical economics. For example: Austrian theory, as presented here, places great weight on ‘entrepreneurial discovery’ which enables decentralised decision-makers to recognise when present decisions can be improved upon, and to anticipate future changes in the decisions being made by others. Movements in prices, production methods, choices of outputs, and resource […]

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Via LearnLiberty.org: Liberty and Community

Via LearnLiberty.org, another superb video, this time on liberty and community, which reinforces Mises’ argument that “Society is cooperation; it is community in action”:

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