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Lloyd George’s liberalism

This quote by Lloyd George has been suggested to me. It’s from “Carving the Last Few Columns out of the Gladstonian Quarry: The Liberal Leaders and the Mantle of Gladstone, 1898–1929”, in David Bebbington and Roger Swift (eds.), Gladstone Centenary Essays, p 253. The doctrine of Liberalism is a doctrine that […]

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From the BFP – Tory: Coalition partners Lib Dems could ‘disappear’

Via Tory: Coalition partners Lib Dems could ‘disappear’ (From Bucks Free Press): SUGGESTIONS the Lib Dems could ‘disappear’ because of the ‘shift in politics’ have been dismissed by the party’s Wycombe leader – following a neighbouring councillor’s defection. There is an excellent explanation of the structure of political ideas in the […]

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Despicable fighting from the Liberal Democrats

The LibDems have produced an apparently independent political leaflet which appears to have a contribution from Boris backing their candidate. It also misleads about John Howell. For those who culture a reputation of being the principled people of politics, this is vile. read more | digg story

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