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The Lisbon Treaty could be derailed? Boo hoo.

After a “period of reflection”, the best the EU could manage was to make a dreadful constitution harder to read in the hope of deceitfully sidestepping referenda. Who do they think we are? What’s the goal? What about making the EU democratic? Let’s get this mess reformed. Derailing the Lisbon Treaty is the first step. read more | digg story

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The Lisbon Treaty

Open Europe have provided a comparison of the Lisbon Treaty and the EU Constitution here. It circumvents the fact that the original Treaty is in French and only shows the modifications to the two founding Treaties. There is also a guide. In short, David Cameron’s response to the Treaty holds true. I suggest that the correct action is to insist that your MP demands a referendum: www.writetothem.com. Now is the time. If we refuse to ratify, we are in strong […]

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