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Sabeti Wain Aerospace Making Scrubs & Gowns for the NHS

I’m incredibly proud of the way our community has pulled together in Wycombe to support the NHS, with local aerospace manufacturer Sabeti Wain repurposing from aircraft upholstery to gowns and scrubs for the NHS. They have provided me with the following statement. Please get in touch with the company direct if you would like them to produce scrubs or gowns for your care setting, or if you have relevant supplies they may need. You can also read more about their […]

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Interview at Love Wycombe 2014: debt, help with debt and credit unions

Amid the conflict, drama and, too often, scandal of politics, it is easy to forget that politicians hope to make a positive difference to the lives of other people. We may disagree about methods but every decent politician wants to lift people out of poverty. One of the five pathways to poverty identified by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) is serious personal debt. The others are family breakdown, educational failure, worklessness and addictions. These are often experienced together. Helping people with […]

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