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Speech at Runnymede on the 799th anniversary of Magna Carta

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Two years ago, I attended a two-day Liberty Fund conference on Magna Carta. Today, I was glad to join The Freedom Association to commemorate the 799th anniversary of Magna Carta at the memorial. Here’s an extended version of my speech: Seven hundred and ninety nine years ago today this place witnessed a definitive moment in our history. A document was signed which asserted the rule of law. It was not unprecedented – Henry I’s charter of liberties asserted much the same […]

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Via City A.M. – Boris on Starbucks and DC on judicial review

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On the cover of City A.M. this morning, Boris Johnson argues that Starbucks must do more for the UK. Apparently, the Mayor said of Starbucks, “It needs to reflect very fast and very seriously on its position…Either it makes a change in its tax arrangements or does a lot more to visibly serve society.” Now, I was critical of Starbucks in the press myself, but the Mayor is mixing up two issues: paying tax and serving society. As I said […]

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Liberty, power and the Coalition

Just as the Coalition’s key measures on freedom come into force, in The Telegraph, Philip Johnston asks, Is the Coalition really giving us a freer society? We should all be feeling a little bit freer today. This month, key provisions of the Protection of Freedoms Act come into force; so now we can smoke in a pub, walk in the street without being followed by dozens of CCTV cameras, and not have our phones, emails and other communications tracked by GCHQ. […]

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