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A fascinating speech by Michael Gove

We’ve faced a good deal of opposition in the last year and a half. And I am certain 2012 will be no different. Because one thing I’ve come to realise during my time as Education Secretary is that the opposition we face is of a very particular kind… It’s ironic, if you think about it. The popular critique of our reform programme has most often been of its underpinning motives. The talk was of an ‘ideologically-driven Academies programme’ and ‘ideologically-motivated […]

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ConservativeHome’s Platform: Michael Gove: The scale of our education challenge is so great that we need urgent reform. On every front.

Just before Christmas the most comprehensive survey of global educational achievement ever conducted showed that in the last ten years we have plummeted in the rankings: from 4th to 16th  for science, 7th to 25th for literacy and 8th to 28th for maths. In tests of mathematics, Chinese 15-year-olds are now more than two years ahead of 15-year-olds in this country. At the same time as we are falling behind other nations, the gap between the opportunities enjoyed by rich […]

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‘A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops’ – Henry Adams

NB: The author is Tim Hewish, who I am glad to welcome as a local contributor. — Steve Buckinghamshire is blessed with having Grammar schools and is complimented by a large number of successful State schools; however not all parts of the country are so privileged. I was fortunate enough to attend the release of Policy Exchange’s latest education report, Blocking the Best, which focuses on the obstacles people face when trying to set up their own independent state school. […]

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Michael Gove – campaigning for the best in state education

Michael Gove is one of the most inspiring men I have met, for his intellect, for his courtesy and for the sheer decency he brings to politics. Here he talks about education.

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