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Czech Senate Sets Lisbon Treaty Vote For May 6-7

The Czech parliament’s upper house will vote on the European Union’s Lisbon treaty at a May 6-7 session, a spokesman said on Thursday, in what is widely seen as a tight vote after the government’s collapse last month. The treaty, which is intended to streamline decision-making in the bloc and give it a long-term president, must be adopted by all 27 EU member states to take effect. Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, who signed the treaty, has said he expected the […]

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Mirek Topolanek: “We must get off the road to serfdom”

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An uplifting speech from the Czech Prime Minister to the Conservative Party Conference: This issue involves the trust in the individual and in his ability to make his free decisions. I know that the Conservative Party today strives for a reform aiming to revive the individual responsibility. “Human action or human design?” That is the question. People do not need an omnipresent all-caring state. What they need is opportunity. Follow the link for the transcript. read more | digg story

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