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Two videos celebrating 15 years of the Monetary Policy Committee

SaveOurSavers are celebrating 15 years of the Monetary Policy Committee with the following video. It’s rather too harsh on the Governor: effective central planning of the price of money is just as impossible as the planning of other prices and surely more counterproductive. That is, the Monetary Policy Committee are trying to do something which cannot be done. The video below from Dominic Frisby goes to the heart of the matter: our system of inflationary money which is loaned into […]

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The consequences of the impending national bankruptcies » The Cobden Centre

A fascinating perspective from Robert Thorpe at The Cobden Centre – The consequences of the impending national bankruptcies: The governments of Portugal and Ireland are waiting for Greece to default. If that happens then it will likely trigger the bankruptcy of several European banks*. This is the “Second Lehmann Brothers” the UK press have been discussing that could cause another financial crisis. I think such a crisis is likely to happen, but for political reasons more than economic ones. If one […]

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Greece and the economic patterns of today

Via Sean Corrigan’s  Et in Academia ego » The Cobden Centre, following a consideration of the predicament of Greece: So, rather than relying on the snake oil salesmen to tell us how we should think, let us go back to the basics for a moment to see if they will help clarify the situation in which we find ourselves today. As we never cease to point out, the immediate effect of monetary injections is to reinvigorate business revenue streams and—at […]

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How to transform a nation in ten steps

Brought forward. I was challenged last night to advocate flat taxes. Here’s one of my previous posts which does so. Another is here (you will have to forgive the oversize graphs). The Georgian recipe for “an amazing transformation”: Low and flat taxes Legislative commitment to reducing the government’s fiscal footprint (IE spend less!) Deregulation and cutting red tape And thereby suppressing corruption Unilateral free trade: no import tariffs or barriers of any kind Very flexible labour legislation No sector or […]

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Material Evidence » The Cobden Centre

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Via Material Evidence » The Cobden Centre, more on the false impression of prosperity created by erroneous monetary and fiscal policy: Without stopping to rehearse the entire thesis (laid out most recently in the last two editions of Tangible Ideas, viz., ‘Lord Timon’s Purse’ – oriented towards money and credit – and ‘Goodbye to All That’– which dealt with their real–side impact), this ‘bullishness’ may have imparted the impression that we have something of a schizophrenic mindset since, in all […]

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