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Guest post: Liberty and Natural Law

Following an apprenticeship elsewhere, Megan Moore joined me for a week to develop several short guides to British politics which I will publish later in the summer. I wanted to demonstrate that apprentices can challenge graduates on quality. I hope after reading this you will agree that this is so. — Steve For those who acknowledge that a free society requires ethical as well as constitutional foundations, the thought of St Thomas Aquinas, described by Rothbard as ‘the towering intellect […]

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The foundation of all clear thinking about ourselves

After dashing through C S Lewis’ brilliant if somewhat esoteric 1930s sci-fi/fantasy known as The Cosmic Trilogy, I picked up Jung’s even more esoteric Answer to Job. After all that, it seemed time to return to Mere Christianity, which is so titled because it explains those doctrines which are generally uncontroversial amongst all Christian denominations. The book comprises a number of talks which Lewis gave during the madness of the Second World War, covering right and wrong as a clue […]

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Rothbard, The Ethics of Liberty

The Ethics of Liberty by Murray Rothbard is a difficult book to which few could subscribe in full. It is difficult partly because it is concerned only with ‘that subset of the natural law that develops the concept of natural rights, and that deals with the proper sphere of “politics,” i.e., with violence and non-violence as modes of interpersonal relations.’ The book is not concerned with the ethics of personal morality, simply ‘a political philosophy of liberty’. In confining itself […]

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The Abolition of Man

C S Lewis’ book The Abolition of Man is presented as three lectures examining the ultimate outcome of a philosophy which seeks to abandon the Tao: the body of natural law. In his first lecture, Lewis illustrates the trend of his time to disregard values and emotions: to dismiss them, encouraging instead a subjective approach. He explains that those who lack these values are “men without chests”, not having the trunk which unites intellectual man with animal man. He goes […]

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