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Op RIBBON: statements from Churches Together and Conservative Councillors

I have received the following two statements on Operation RIBBON. From Churches Together: Churches Together in High Wycombe, representing the Christian denominations in the town centre, is very sad to learn of the charges of a serious and sexual nature that have been brought against local residents and reported in today’s media. We unequivocally condemn actions which harm others – particularly the weaker and more vulnerable members of our society. We recognise, sadly, that such crimes occur across the board […]

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Seven men charged with a catalogue of sexual offences in Op Ribbon

As the Bucks Free Press has reported, seven Pakistani-British men have been charged with a catalogue of the most serious sexual offences.  They must now face a fair trial so that justice is done. Everyone remains innocent until proven guilty and nothing must be allowed to prejudice just convictions. Let us not forget that, somewhere, protected by a court order, there is a real victim going through recovery. There will be other victims, whether or not related to this case, and […]

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The Wycombe Muslim Communication Forum response to charges brought in Operation Ribbon

Following the charges brought in Operation Ribbon, I welcome the following press release from Wycombe Muslim Communication Forum: The Wycombe Muslim Communication Forum (WMCF) unequivocally condemns the alleged sexual offences that have been carried out in High Wycombe currently being reported in the media. These offences are intolerable and deplorable. Protecting our entire community in High Wycombe is of paramount importance and any appropriate measures taken to arrest charge and prosecute perpetrators of such offences and to safeguard and protect vulnerable […]

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Operation Ribbon update from Police Area Commander, Supt Gilbert Houalla

This is the latest update I have received in relation to Operation Ribbon from Area Commander, Supt Gilbert Houalla: It is unfortunate that this particular case has happened in Wycombe but this type of crime happens nationally and affects all sections of the community. Following the arrest of seven men with offences in relation to child exploitation and now it is important for us to continue to offer support to the whole community, including any victims and their families while […]

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Operation Ribbon arrests in High Wycombe this morning

This morning, police arrested 8 men in High Wycombe for alleged sexual exploitation of a young girl over a number of years. She is still under 18. A detailed statement has been released by Thames Valley Police. Further information is available on the Thames Valley Police Facebook page. The alleged offences are utterly vile and all decent people will join in condemning them. I wish Thames Valley Police and the Crown Prosecution Service every success in securing just convictions of the guilty and long […]

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