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A Parliamentary Question on immigration

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Yesterday, I asked the Immigration Minister a Parliamentary Question on the future of migration policy in the European Union: Steve: Through their recent renegotiation the Government have demonstrated that an axiom of our EU membership is our common European citizenship, which implies the common treatment of people right across the EU. Will the Minister not concede that if the public vote to remain in the EU, he will not long be able to resist pressure in the Council of Ministers […]

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A Parliamentary Question on the Immigration Bill

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Last night, I was able to ask the Minister of State for the Home Office a Parliamentary Question during a debate on the Immigration Bill and the settling of migrants from conflict zones: Steve Baker: Share this contribution A few minutes ago, my right hon. Friend mentioned the actions of our European partners. Can he give the House an indication of how this Government’s actions compare with those of our European neighbours? Minister for Immigration (James Brokenshire): Share this contribution […]

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A Parliamentary Question on Brexit

This week, I had the opportunity to ask the Financial Secretary to the Treasury a parliamentary question regarding the Government’s controversial economic analysis of Britain’s potential exit from the European Union: Steve Baker: Will the Government welcome this opportunity to bring forward actual data without the need to project forward fourteen years using techniques which are proven inaccurate every six months? The Financial Secretary to the Treasury (David Gauke): Once the HMRC have gone through that data, they will provide that […]

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