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Cui bono? How much your labour costs and who receives the benefit

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Brought forward from August last year. People on ordinary incomes still pay too much Each employee’s labour costs their employer a certain amount: their salary plus employers’ National Insurance Contributions (neglecting other benefits). How much does the employee actually receive to spend as they see fit? As a guide, we looked at the figures for a single man employed full-time, making median gross annual earnings. He saves nothing and spends the average percentage of his earnings on goods and services rated […]

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It pleases HMRC to jest

Via CentreRight: The Revenue’s power grab: what’s yours is mine first. Just as taxpayers finally lose confidence in the ability of the Revenue to calculate PAYE correctly, HMRC offers to take the matter out of our hands and present us with a fait accompli. The power grab implicit in the latest HMRC proposals – currently under consultation – to receive all salaries direct from employers, process all deductions and then hand to us what remains, should worry anyone who values freedom. […]

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