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Votes for prisoners – motion carried

This afternoon, and further to our recent article, I voted to support this motion on votes for prisoners: That this House notes the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights in Hirst v the United Kingdom in which it held that there had been no substantive debate by members of the legislature on the continued justification for maintaining a general restriction on the right of prisoners to vote; acknowledges the treaty obligations of the UK; is of the opinion […]

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CSJ — “Locked Up Potential”

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From the preface to “Locked Up Potential”, another first-class report from the Centre For Social Justice.: Even when someone is sent to prison, the government fails in its mission to reduce crime because of the spectacular failure of prisons to rehabilitate offenders – work that should be the heartbeat of the system. That over two thirds of prisoners leave prison and return to a life of crime, only to find themselves back behind bars within two years, is unacceptable. Any business model […]

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