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Political power and democratic control in Britain

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With all the debate about quangos, I wondered whether anyone had made the case against them based on the Rule of Law. And so I found and added to my reading list Political power and democratic … – Google Books: There is a sense in which quasi-government diminishes the role and authority of Parliament as well as its more obvious erosion of local government. In practice, the quango state removes layers and ares of policy-making and action from the parliamentary — […]

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Treasury announces ‘bonfire of quangos’ to save taxpayer millions – Times Online

Via Treasury announces ‘bonfire of quangos’ to save taxpayer millions – Times Online : Liam Byrne, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has written to Whitehall departments demanding an urgent review of all quangos to assess which can be abolished, merged with other bodies or taken back directly into their ministries. A number of quangos appear to have overlapping remits, including some covering skills, law and order, environment and transport. “The Ministry of Justice alone has 200 quangos,” said a Treasury […]

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