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Mises on inflation and destructionism

In researching a piece on QE, I found this from Mises’ Socialism, which can stand alone for the moment. Here, by “inflation”, Mises means an increase in the money supply, which causes price rises. For Mises, “Destructionism” is the socialist strategy of tearing down the existing order in the hope […]

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Via the FT, we find Fed moves towards monetary easing. This would be a disaster. Related articles: The Cobden Centre: The Staggering Economic Errors Behind The Policy of Quantitive Easing and how QE harms the ordinary person: The violation of Mr Smith Stewart, The Cat is out of the Bag The Mises Institute: The Insolvency of […]

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New Labour and quantitative easing

In the course of scheduling a series of articles for The Cobden Centre on the Theory of Money and Credit, I found this quote which seems apposite after our recent spell of “quantitative easing”, the injection of new money into the economy, also known in some circles as inflation of the […]

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Quite a week for The Cobden Centre

With Dr Tim Evans joining the Cobden Centre as Chief Executive and after the publication of a number of substantial new Insight articles, it has been quite a week for The Cobden Centre. Today, Toby Baxendale has published a refutation of the mechanistic Quantity Theory of Money, the theory on […]

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The Cobden Centre: What is money?

Writing for The Cobden Centre, I ask “What is money?“: In their working paper “Assessing UK money supply measures in the light of the credit crunch”, Toby Baxendale and Anthony J. Evans provide a better measure of the money supply. In this article, Steven Baker explores the background to the […]

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