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Exhausted commodities? » The Cobden Centre

In recent weeks, we have argued strongly against any relapse into Malthusianism or any of the other, fashionable Green neuroses which readily afflict those dealing with the more tangible examples of Man’s ongoing fight against scarcity. Neither the Gaian prophets, fulminating about planetary exploitation, nor the vacationing engineers, misapplying the narrow rigour of their own profession to a wholly different, open-ended problem of ends, not means, are to be paid heed if we are to think at all clearly about […]

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Norwich North, the Greens and the credit crisis

Today while telling in Norwich North, I was joined by a charming lady from the Green Party. In conversation, she indicated the Green view that the present crisis was caused by the liberalisation of banking and the operation of the free market. I explained the ways in which I disagreed. These are the posts I recommended: A quick guide to The Credit Crisis, which links to: Banks, economic interventionism and the cause of the credit crisis, And this primer which includes: […]

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