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Road pricing killed off by Transport Secretary, Lord Adonis – Telegraph

Plans to impose pay as you drive charges on every motorist in the country have been killed off by Lord Adonis, the new Transport Secretary. The proposals, which would have seen drivers paying up to £1.30 a mile during the rush hour, will not now be included in the next Labour manifesto. His decision represents a major volte face by the Government which had once regarded national road pricing as a flagship policy. via Road pricing killed off by Transport […]

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Back to the drawing board for road pricing

It looks as if it is time to pronounce the last rites for pay as you drive charging. Good. We are already taxed according to the efficiency of our cars and the distance we drive them through fuel duty. Thankfully, we may now escape being tracked wherever we go. read more | digg story Update: But it appears New Labour have little interest in what people want: The crushing rejection of a congestion charging scheme by voters in Manchester has […]

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Insurer stops ‘pay as you drive’

Another surveillance scheme, and a precursor to the Government’s road pricing proposals, dies. In practice, people don’t like to be tracked, even if it saves them money. What a surprise. read more | digg story

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