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Liberty Fund and the preservation, restoration and development of freedom

For over a decade now, I have enjoyed the books published by Liberty Fund, especially the works of Ludwig von Mises. Only recently did I attend my first Liberty Fund colloquium, at which we discussed Herbert Spencer. From the Fund’s site: Liberty Fund was founded in 1960 by Pierre F. Goodrich, an Indianapolis businessman and lawyer, with the mission of encouraging a deeper understanding of the requisites for restoring and preserving the ideal of a society of free and responsible individuals. […]

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Ruling against violence

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I had the honour this evening of attending Jubilee Road Mosque, High Wycombe, to speak at a meeting discussing a fatwa against terrorism, led by its author. The ruling by Dr Gilani predates, I understand, that given by Dr Tahir ul-Qadri, which received more publicity. While the proceedings were conducted mostly in Arabic and Urdu, the atmosphere conveyed the sentiment: that we should live in peace and brotherly love. This was the thrust of my speech. I was treated with great […]

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