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Sean Corrigan: Still crazy after all these years

Via The Cobden Centre, Sean Corrigan reflects on the year from an economic perspective: So, here we are, drawing to the close of another year and still we struggle with the legacy of the last Boom, still we search around for macro economic Tooth-Fairy, ‘liquidity’ solutions to the problems caused by our earlier misallocations of capital instead of facing the fact that insolvent entities need to be liquidated and their assets put to work by people who’ve shown they can […]

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I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue! » The Cobden Centre

Strong stuff from Sean Corrigan – I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue! » The Cobden Centre: It was a signal feature of the week that one of the few Grand Wizards of the global Oz in which we live not to give vent to a risible display of reality denial and sophistry was none other than ‘Blackhawk’ Ben Bernanke. The occasion for the Fed Chairman’s uncharacteristic distinction in this regard was the post-FOMC press conference when he not only openly […]

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Quote of the day – Sean Corrigan on political economy

Truly, in political economy we do not ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’ like Newton claimed to do in the hard sciences, but rather we allow each new generation of intellectual pygmies to perpetrate the same old errors over and over again. via Sampson – The Currency under the Act of 1844 » The Cobden Centre.

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