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The misguided social mobility measures that take us for fools – Telegraph

A superb article by Charles Moore, The misguided social mobility measures that take us for fools – Telegraph: Last month, I suggested to colleagues an April Fool for this newspaper, but it was rejected on the grounds that it would cause our entire computer system to crash. The cod story was this: a government study has discovered that not nearly enough women, ethnic minorities and 17-year-olds in receipt of free school meals are passing their driving test. Therefore, in pursuit of […]

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Civitas: “Britain IS socially mobile”

Fascinating reading from Civitas: Politicians from all parties say they are committed to the ideal of a ‘meritocratic’ society – they all want talented and hard-working people to succeed in life, irrespective of their social background. However, a new report from the independent think tank Civitas argues that many politicians are badly informed about the facts of social mobility in modern Britain. And because they don’t know the facts, they support policies which are at best unnecessary, and at worst […]

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