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Book review: C S Lewis, The Four Loves

C S Lewis is one of my favourite authors and not just for the reserved brilliance of Mere Christianity. In contrast to his strictly Christian writing, The Abolition of Man is essentially a work of political philosophy, a critique of those ideas which seek to escape the body of natural law which has served every successful human civilisation. The Four Loves is somewhere in between. From the back cover, Millions of words have been written on the true nature of love, […]

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The awful unspoken truth about QE

Via Conservative Home’s blog The Deep End, an interesting question about QE: If the Government is just going to print money, why can’t we have some? Of course, if you started to give the cash directly to the people, then they might finally understand that our entire economic system runs on funny money. And who knows what would happen then? Henry Ford is supposed to have answered their question: It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand […]

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William Hague: “There’s only one growth strategy: work hard,” but hard work needs honest money.

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In today’s Telegraph, William Hague tells the Government’s business critics to stop complaining and work hard to deliver jobs. However, Mr Hague forgets that a day’s hard work is rewarded with a day’s pay: if that pay is in a money which someone else is producing at near zero cost, the value of hard work is undermined. People who are slogging their guts out to make ends meet in an environment of rising living costs are bound to take the Telegraph’s reporting of […]

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The fuel pantomime: why put up with our vulnerability to the words of ministers?

Charles Moore is suggesting that this fuel pantomime may be a deliberate strategy: But now that I have heard the Conservatives’ private explanation, which is being handed down to constituency associations by MPs, I begin to feel angry. The private message is as follows. “This is our Thatcher moment. In order to defeat the coming miners’ strike, she stockpiled coal. When the strike came, she weathered it, and the Labour Party, tarred by the strike, was humiliated. In order to […]

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What kind of government? Looking forward to the budget

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Via the TaxPayers’ Alliance, this video explains vividly that the Government is spending £22,218 every second. In this week’s MoneyWeek, Merryn Somerset Webb’s editorial is titled “Slash spending and taxes”. She refers to Dr Tim Morgan’s work which explains that the economy has for too long been dependent on private borrowing and public spending and that, now these are “dead in the water”, 70% of the economy is incapable of growth. I have previously explained that this Government will be […]

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Via LearnLiberty – Social Cooperation: Why thieves hate free markets

Via LearnLiberty.org: And also: Society is concerted action, cooperation. Society is the outcome of conscious and purposeful behaviour. … Individual man is born into a socially organized environment. In this sense alone we may accept the saying that society is–logically or historically–antecedent to the individual. In every other sense this dictum is either empty or nonsensical. The individual lives and acts within society. But society is nothing but the combination of individuals for cooperative effort. It exists nowhere else than […]

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Merry Christmas

Having cleared my correspondence, I now intend to be comprehensively offline for a few days. And moreover, having traversed a wide range of issues which go wrong in people’s lives, with which the state seems incompetent to help to varying degrees, I am ever more confirmed in the view that I expressed in an article on ConservativeHome: The change we need is a change within. From a belief that human relationships should be based on class conflict and mutual plunder […]

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Ideas are more powerful than armies

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Update: amended links for public read access. This afternoon, I am presenting five books which illustrate that ideas are more powerful than armies at the Young Briton’s Foundation conference. Here are the slides: Or browse here:

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Thank goodness for Janet Daley

If ever there was a time for radical proposals by a governing party, this is it. Rather than the imitative, mealy-mouthed shuffling of dollops of money from one departmental scheme to another, in what will inevitably look like panic in the face of rising youth unemployment and disappointing growth figures, what we need is a display of real insight and nerve. … We will have to choose, quite soon, between liberty and the “security” of a society in which government controls […]

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Via LearnLiberty.org: Liberty and Community

Via LearnLiberty.org, another superb video, this time on liberty and community, which reinforces Mises’ argument that “Society is cooperation; it is community in action”:

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