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EU plan: The rise and rise of the securocrats

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The creation of an EU-US common security area by 2014 and “convergence” on surveillance and data gathering, redefining “home affairs” as a matter of EU internal security. This story is reported at least by the Telegraph and the Guardian. The original leaked report is here. To say the least, I am to be convinced that this is a good idea. Telegraph | digg story Guardian | digg story

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MI5 criticised for role in case of torture, rendition and secrecy

MI5 participated in the unlawful interrogation of a British resident now held in Guantánamo Bay, the high court found yesterday in a judgment raising serious questions about the conduct of Britain’s security and intelligence agencies. read more | digg story

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Portrait of the Modern Terrorist as an Idiot

More from Schneier, a leader in cryptography and other areas of security: Terrorism is a real threat, and one that needs to be addressed by appropriate means. But allowing ourselves to be terrorized by wannabe terrorists and unrealistic plots — and worse, allowing our essential freedoms to be lost by using them as an excuse — is wrong. read more | digg story

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Are photographers really a threat?

Leading security expert Bruce Schneier writes in the Guardian: Since 9/11, there has been an increasing war on photography. Photographers have been harassed, questioned, detained, arrested or worse, and declared to be unwelcome. We’ve been repeatedly told to watch out for photographers, especially suspicious ones. Clearly any terrorist is going to first photograph his target, so vigilance is required… Full article, with links here. A PDF on UK photographers’ rights is here. read more | digg story

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Under attack? Open M&S early

This article by The New Statesman reminds us that, when Labour came to power, the maximum period of detention without charge was 48 hours, with the Home Secretary able to grant exceptional extensions to 5 days. They also remind us that Mrs Thatcher’s response to the Brighton bombing was not a raft of draconian legislation, but a request for M&S to open early so people could replace their clothes. Today’s Telegraph reminds us that these repeated revisions to ordinary criminal […]

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