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Contemporary crony capitalism – Living with Leviathan

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For a contemporary and historical account of the scale of the state and its relations with nominally private business, I recommend David B. Smith’s excellent Living with Leviathan: Public Spending, Taxes and Economic Performance: In the last 90 years the proportion of national income spent by the UK government has increased from around 10 per cent to nearly 50 per cent. This general trend has been followed in most other developed countries, although levels of government spending are much higher in […]

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“Challenge to America”

From “Challenge to America: A Current Assessment of Our Republic” by Ron Paul: Third Way compromise, or bipartisan cooperation, can never reconcile the differences between those who produce and those who live off others. It will only make it worse. Theft is theft, and forced redistribution of wealth is just that. The Third Way, though, can deceive and perpetuate an unworkable system when both major factions endorse the principle. Further: It’s important to understand how we got ourselves into this […]

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