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David Willetts, “Our university revolution has only just begun”

David Willetts writes in the Telegraph: Our university revolution has only just begun: Despite some dire warnings about the Coalition’s student finance reforms, we’ve already had more applications to university than in any year under the previous government. Once the decline in the total number of 18 year olds has been accounted for, their application rate is down only 1 per cent on last year, when a record number of people applied to get in. We’ve sent recent graduates into […]

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BBC News – All Lib Dem ministers will back rise in tuition fees

Via BBC News – All Lib Dem ministers will back rise in tuition fees: All Liberal Democrat government ministers will vote to raise the cap on university tuition fees in England, party leader Nick Clegg has said. There had been speculation some could abstain from a vote over the controversial policy, which has prompted weeks of student protests. But Deputy PM Mr Clegg said ministers were “as one on this” and would vote “as a team” on Thursday. I will […]

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A university should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning – Disraeli

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Reaction to the Government’s higher education reforms really got under the skin of my researcher, Tim Hewish, who launched into a passionate defence of the Government’s direction of travel. I asked him to write this post… — Steve Much has been said about the Browne Report on Higher Education and the subsequent Government response. Most falls into the category of diatribe and the rest is often socialist, reactionary non-thinking. The Government’s statement was sound. The reforms will actually help bright […]

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