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Letter to the Bucks Free Press on freedom of expression and extremism

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Via the Bucks Free Press, my letter on freedom of expression and extremism: I was delighted that this year’s parade in High Wycombe to celebrate the birth of Muhammad once again demonstrated the friendship we enjoy in our Town. It was by all accounts a happy and successful occasion. I have observed closely the development of local commentary in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. I read the Mayor’s statement on Facebook carefully, and the support and criticism he […]

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CSJ: Dying to Belong

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We are losing a generation of young people to gang violence. An incoming Tory government will have to start from scratch if it is going to make a difference. As Gavin Knight notes in “How to really hug a hoodie”, gang culture is increasingly plaguing deprived inner-city communities, and for too long we have seen policies implemented to tackle a problem neither measured nor understood. If the Conservatives win the next election, they will have an opportunity to transform our approach […]

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Blueprints | Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

Via Blueprints | Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence | CU-Boulder. Demand for effective violence, drug, and crime prevention programs continues to grow. Across the country, a raft of programs aimed at preventing violence and drug abuse is underway. All of these programs are well-intentioned. Yet very few of them have evidence demonstrating their effectiveness. Many are implemented with little consistency or quality control. How do we know what works? … Why do we need to know what works? […]

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