Despite the pouring rain, a friend and I had a great day’s bike coaching with an expert motorcyclist to provide a boost to our safety, skill and enjoyment in motorcycling.

Motorcycle coaching

Some key points were:

  • Proceeding between hazards in thirds is very helpful. The first third prompts you to apply power at the right moment; the middle third avoids entering hyperspace; and the final third makes it easy to get the bike set up, stable and driving, for the next bend. This transformed my smoothness.
  • Relaxation must be monitored, especially in a sports riding position. After a winter riding bolt upright on my supermoto, it was too easy to let my weight fall on the handlebars of my sports bike. The improvement to be had by holding some weight in the torso for a light touch on the steering soon became clear.
  • Positioning: a great reminder to seek safety and grip with an option on maintaining a view, by using all the available road.

A brilliant start to the season proper.

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