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The IAM stand at the NEC

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IAM Stand, originally uploaded by stevenjbaker. The ‘demon bike’ is supposed to be scary; perhaps not many motorcyclists are scared of their motorcycles. Most would want to know where to buy the headlamp modification. “Win a free track day” is promising, but the stand was rather quiet, which is a pity, as motorcycling deserves an advanced standard of rider.

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Motorcycle coaching for safety and skill

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Despite the pouring rain, a friend and I had a great day’s bike coaching with an expert motorcyclist to provide a boost to our safety, skill and enjoyment in motorcycling. Some key points were: Proceeding between hazards in thirds is very helpful. The first third prompts you to apply power at the right moment; the middle third avoids entering hyperspace; and the final third makes it easy to get the bike set up, stable and driving, for the next bend. […]

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